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October 25, 2007



The problem is that there are too many smart people in the world and a lot of them want to be programmers. I hypothesised not long ago that smart people are not meant to be programmers.

Thanasis K

The problem is this: From personal experience, way too many people want to be "developers" because they have heard:

a) There is a lot of demand for this job
b)If you are into the greek school systems, you have to perform really well to get into a decent CS/CE uni dept.
c)Hey man computers are the future, I mean you get money for nothing and the chicks for free.

Wrong. Wrong! WRONG!!!

a) If you are a decent developer, you will have a decent job. If you are a talentless hack, you will struggle to get work (i.e. you wont pass the interview of any company hiring reasonably skilled people).

b) So you get a ton of people that do NOT join because they were too busy fucking up the computers instead of studying :)

c)Like a) if you are good then ok, if you are not that good you are in for a world of hurt. If you are good you can solve difficult problems (i.e. debugging) at a drop of a hat. If you are a straggler then?

Combine the above with the 70s management mentality that "developer is the lowest form of life in our corporate ecosystem and they are all interchangeable" and you have a winner.

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